Bitterroot Mountains

Bitteroot Valley

Bitterroot. ©Jason Savage

Yikes! My last blog was nearly a month ago!

I’ll hopefully be back on track here soon and have some more regular posts. Having a two year old and two month old  at home in addition to trying to move can be a little time consuming:)

Things in Montana are green and the rain just keeps coming! We should have an awesome early summer if things keep up the way they are. Lately it’s been tough to plan on anything as far as the weather goes. It’s mostly been raining with intermident sun on occasion.

Here are a few pics from the Bitterroot area in Montana from last week. Things there are spectacular as usual and lots of  new life running around. The Bitteroot has so much to offer especially when you get back up in the mountains. Just plain awesome.


Calf. © Jason Savage

Camas Creek

Camas Creek.© Jason Savage

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