Photographer in Glacier

Photographer in Glacier National Park

Photographer in Glacier National Park, Canon 1DX 16-35mm f4L IS f16 1/125 ISO800

Another perfect morning in Glacier National Park from last month’s workshop.

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Montana (backyard) Wildlife

Testing out my new Canon 500mm f4L IS II  and 2XmkIII extender the other night, and couldn’t resist photographing the local whitetails in our backyard here in Montana. All I can say is wow! The image quality is superb and so is the autofocus. I am looking forward to putting together a review on this soon as it’ s become an even more versatile telephoto then the older version. 

Montana Wildlife Photography

Whitetail Buck. Canon 1DX 500mm f4L II, 2XmkIII f8 1/500 ISO3200

Montana Wildlife Photography

Whitetail Doe. Canon 1DX 500mm f4L IS II, 2XmkIII f8 1/2000 ISO3200


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Two Medicine Lake, Glacier N.P.

Glacier National Park Photo Workshop

Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park

Given we had a lot of clouds for sunrise on one of the mornings of my Glacier National Park workshop, I decided to do a little black and white while we were on Two Medicine Lake. We did have some interesting and dramatic clouds, especially wrapping around Sinopah Mountan and a calm reflection of the lake which both added a couple nice elements to the landscape. I used both Lightroom and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro2 to edit this one.

Canon 1DX  16-35mm f4L IS  f16 3″ ISO100  Singh Ray 3stop grad

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Montana Wildfires

Montana Wildfires

Lupine and Wildfire, Montana.

Lupine and sunset just outside of Glacier National Park. Back in 2006 the Red Eagle Fire burned over 30,000 acres in Glacier and on Blackfeet Tribal Land drastically altering the landscape on the east side of the park.

Canon 1DX 16-35mm f4L IS (handheld) f16  1/20  ISO 400 -1, Singh Ray 3 stop Grad Filter

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More Canon 16-35mm f4L IS

Glacier Photo Workshop

Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

I’m currently working on putting together a more thorough review of Canon’ s 16-35mm f4L IS now that I’ve had a chance to do some extensive shooting with it over the last few weeks. I used it almost exclusively on my recent Glacier National Park workshop, which gave me some great opportunities to test out its “IS” and corner to corner sharpness.

I thought I would share this image from the trip of a young girl playing piano in the lobby of the Lake McDonald Lodge. Unfortunately my tripod was out of reach at the time so I had to handhold this one in very low light. Also in order to achieve the depth of field I wanted, I had to set my aperture to f11 which made things even worse for my shutter speed.

But fortunately I was using one of my new favorite camera/lens combos with the Canon 1DX and new 16-35mm which gave me a couple very important advantages.

With the 1DX’s amazing hi-noise performance I was able to bump up my ISO to 6400 and at least get a 1/90 of a second for my shutter speed. Combined with the 16-35mm’s excellent corner to corner sharpness and a little help from the “IS” I was able to pull off a shot that quality wise, turned out to be pretty decent. I also underexposed this by about a stop to preserve some of the window highlights.

Stay tuned for a full review soon!

Canon 1DX 16-35mm f4L IS f11 1/90 ISO6400



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Browning, Montana

Native American Dancer Montana

North American Indian Days. Browning, Montana.=

Going through some more of my Glacier N.P. workshop images this evening and really liked this one of a young dancer taking a moment during the Powwow in Browning, Montana.

Canon 5D markIII  70-200 2.8L IS II   f2.8  1/750  ISO50

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Glacier National Park Workshop

Glacier National Park Photo Workshop

Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier National Park

I’ve just returned from an amazing trip on my Glacier National Park workshop! With such a great group of photographers and stunning landscapes it was sure hard to beat. I’ll be getting  some editing done in the next couple days and will share more from the trip. Here’s one from a rare calm morning on Swiftcurrent Lake, located in Many Glacier.

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Canon 16-35mm f4 IS

Canon 16-35 f4L IS

Sunrise in Helena at Montana’s Capitol.

Canon 1DX  16-35f f4L IS  f16  1/125  ISO400 (handheld)

Teaching my Helena Photography Workshop here today, here’s one from this morning at Montana’s Capitol. This is my first outing with Canon’s new 16-35mm f4L and I’ll have to say I like what I’m seeing so far!

Initial impressions:

  • Corners and edges seem improved over the 16-35mm 2.8L
  • Chromatic Aberration seems significantly improved
  • Image Stabilization seems decent although not dramatic in improving things. I shot down to 1/10 with fine results.

Overall the images seem impressive with edge to edge sharpness and corners as well. I’ll post a more thorough review here soon. Also for those questioning sunstars on this one, I tested a few test shots and they look very, very good. Of course they’re now 18 point instead of the 14 point sunstars the 16-35 2.8L produced.

Montana Capitol

Montana’s Capitol, Helena

Canon 1Dx  16-35 f4L IS  f16 1/60  ISO400 (handheld)


Canon 16-35mm f4L IS

Montana’s Capitol Building, Helena.

Canon 1DX 16-35mm f4L IS  f16 1″ ISO100

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Palouse, Washington

Palouse Washington

Sunset from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse, Washington

Here’s some images from my trip last week out to Washington’s beautiful Palouse region. I had some great light out there and some awesome finds along the way. I will also be adding the Palouse to my 2015 workshops and will have it listed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…

Palouse, Washington

A view from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse, Washington

Palouse Washington

The Dahman Barn, Palouse

Palouse Red Barn

A red barn and shadows in the Palouse, Washington




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St. Mary Falls, Glacier National Park

Glacier Photo Workshop

St. Mary Falls, Glacier National Park

Going back through my archives this week and thought I would share another from Glacier. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to St. Mary Falls, as it’s one of my main stops on my photography workshops and it’s also one of the easiest falls to get to, but I never tire of photographing this one. The fun challenge when photographing any scene over and over is seeing how you can make it different from the previous by either varying composition or including different elements. This falls is a good one to shoot at sunset as you can get a bit of the setting sun there and it seems to lend itself to many interesting compositions.

Looking forward to visiting again soon here on my July workshop!

Canon 5D markII  24-70 2.8L  f16  1/8  ISO

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