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Montana Birds

Montana Wood Duck, Canon 1DX

The other day I finally had to peel my eyeballs off the computer monitor and take a break from seemingly endless days of photo editing. Whenever I need a quick break to recharge and clear me eyes, the local duck pond is usually where I head just down the road from my house.
On this evening we had the last of our winter storm lingering with some pretty cold temps, but nice evening light. I shot this image at about -15f while laying out on the ice to get eye level with some of the ducks.

One thing that I have been increasingly impressed with is the Canon 1DX’s quick reaction time when using multi-point autofocus. In this case I had my multi-points right on the wood duck anticipating his lift off and in a split second having to move the camera to keep up, hoping my autofocus points would follow along on the duck and keep focus. This would be a case with some systems where it would be hit or miss, but the 1DX continues to impress me with its accurate and blazingly quick reaction times. Looking forward to more birds this spring with the 1DX!

Canon 1DX 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS  f8  1/2000 ISO16000

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