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I’ve finally had some time to really put the 5D Mark IV through some serious use and thought I would share a few of my thoughts on Canon’s latest update in the 5D series. 

These are just a few of my thoughts on what works, what doesn’t, and things that make the Mark IV stand out against its predecessor the Canon 5D Mark III. 

First off most of the externals are the same. Canon has added a new selection switch directly below the back joystick and they have also added a plastic prism cover that accommodates the added wifi, although it’s not very noticeable. The ergonomics of the body essentially remain the same and if you’re a longtime Canon shooter, you will probably appreciate this. The body is actually a hair lighter than the 5D Mark III, but size seems identical. 

One new feature on the back is the new LCD Touchscreen, a first in the 5D lineup. I was initially impressed by its responsiveness and convenience, although I will admit with my workflow around the camera I just don’t use it much, but it is nice to have and I imagine some will enjoy it. I do use it when selecting images for WiFi transfer.

As far as the internals go, I have been really impressed with a few new features that really make the 5D Mark IV a worthwhile upgrade. 

First is the 30MP resolution increase. This is a very nice spot for a camera of this caliber and it offers a lot more versatility for those who may want to crop their images to get some extra reach or those who are making larger size prints. I think it’s a nice increase from the 22mp of the Mark III and it doesn’t seem to impede on the overall function of the camera too much. 

The other area that I think really puts the 5D Mark IV into the perfect “do-all” camera is its increased frame rate to 7FPS. This really makes it capable for a serious wildlife camera for a majority of folks, although depending on what you’re shooting, a faster frame rate may be warranted, but for most situations this can fit the bill. In addition to the faster frame rate, the improved autofocus is even better now, especially in low light (if you can somehow imagine that?) It’s what’s found in the 1DX II and has greater improvements in tracking and low light performance. I have definitely noticed a real world improvement compared to the 5D Mark III.

Canon 500mm

Testing out the new 5D Mark IV on Canon’s 500mm f4L IS II.

In addition to the higher resolution, faster frame rate and improved autofocus, is the updated ISO performance. Here we really don’t see much increase in low light noise compared to the 5D MarkIII. Maybe just a hair at a 1/2 stop improvement at best, but you also have to remember we have increased the resolution to 30MP which creates more challenges for low light noise performance. I’ve found shooting up to ISO6400 to be quite acceptable, especially with improvements in noise correction in Lightroom over the last couple years. 

Other then some of these notable updates, the menu system still remains mainly the same, I’m glad to see Canon continuing to use this format as most are use to it by now. Wifi and GPS are nice features also to have and Wifi is new to the 5D line. I have used it a few times using Canon’s own app while downloading selected images directly to my phone and iPad. What I like with this is you can shoot in RAW and it will convert it to JPEG when transmitting it to your devices, very nice indeed. 

All in all the Mark IV is probably the best, well rounded camera I have ever used from Canon. I really do consider it to be the perfect “do-all” camera for those looking for one camera to rule them all. I am using the Mark IV for landscape, travel and wildlife photography, and so far it has not disappointed. I’ve tested it out in drenching downpours and massive dust and dirt and no problems whatsoever. Forgot to mention they also have improved the internal weather sealing slightly as well. 

Currently I am using the 5D Mark IV paired with the 5Dsr for a nice well rounded kit, but I think I would be just as happy replacing the 5Dsr with another 5D Mark IV. I am no longer shooting with the 1D series as I am tired of lugging around the extra weight and for what I shoot, the 5D series work very well. I hope this helps for someone looking to either upgrade or just getting into Canon’s lineup!


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