Decision Point, Lewis & Clark Expedition

Decision Point

Decision Point. © Jason Savage

These are a few photos I took this weekend up near Loma at Decision Point, along the Missouri River and the confluence of the Marias. On their journey west in 1805, Lewis & Clark arrived at this section of the Missouri confused on which route to take. After spending time with the Mandan Indians in North Dakota, there was no mention from their hosts of this portion of the river or which direction to follow. Lewis hiked up to the hill known now as Decision Point for a better view of the two rivers. He assumed since the Marias flowed in the northerly direction and was not as clear, that the Missouri was the correct route to take. He had guessed  the clear water of the Missouri must be from the high mountains in the West.

The expedition voted and decided to follow Lewis’s decision. They proved his guess right.

In 1806 upon Thomas Jefferson’s request, Lewis returned to the Marias to explore it’s source further north in hopes of finding a natural boundary that could be used as a land treaty with the British. They were hoping it would end somewhere near the 49 parallel, but instead their journey ended at Cape Disappointment. Lewis named the Marias after his cousin Maria Wood.

Decision Point

Decision Point © Jason Savage

Decision Point

Decision Point. © Jason Savage

Sunset Loma

Sunset Loma. © Jason Savage

Sunset Fort Benton

Sunset Fort Benton Area. © Jason Savage

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