Fall Photography Workshop

Rainy Lake, Montana
Rainy Lake.Canon 5dmkII, 100-400mm. F8.0 1/20 ISO100

Here are a few shots from the Seeley-Swan Valley workshop in Montana last week. We had a ton of rain, matter of fact it really didn’t let up much the whole weekend, but we still managed to find some great stuff and the valley was at it’s peak for fall colors. The Larch trees this time of year are spectacular and line the whole valley. We’ve had such a late fall this year that it’s been a great season for photography.

Beaver Creek, Montana
Beaver Creek. Canon 5dmkII, 100-400mm. f13 2sec ISO100

One thing I was reminded of this last week and it’s certainly something I’m reminded of over and over, is that heading out into some of the worst weather can lead to some great, and sometimes amazing images. Usually when it’s dumping rain or when a blizzard is raging the tendency is to hang up the camera and wait for a better day. But those bad weather days I find lend themselves to usually more interesting or unusual images when you can be patient. Patient being the key as inclement weather and changing conditions sometimes take a while to give you those right moments where a bit of light might be peaking through the clouds or a rainbow may develop for a few short moments. Those are some of the little surprises we were grateful to have this weekend and we ended up walking away with some beautiful fall images despite the conditions.

So next time the wind is howling or it’s dumping buckets try heading out and seeing what you can find, you might be surprised.Thanks to everyone for making it such a great workshop this year!

Salmon Lake, Montana
Salmon Lake. Canon 5dmkII, 16-35mm2.8mkII. f11 1/20 ISO100

Horses, Montana
Horses.Canon 5dmkII, 100-400mm. f6.7 1/500 ISO1600

Jason Savage Montana Photo Workshop

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