Glacier National Park


Swiftcurrent Falls. © Jason Savage

Just returned from my workshop up in Glacier and the park is sure starting to look  good. I had a great group of photographers on this workshop and for the most part our weather was pretty darn awesome-excluding of course the massive lighting, golf ball size hail,funnel cloud storm in Browning:)

The park is starting to shape up, but they still have a tremendous amount of snow atop Logan Pass and it was nowhere near being melted off. Not a huge deal, but if you’re looking to do some hiking up around Hidden Lake make sure to bring your skis!

Down lower things are looking good  and the wildflowers are having a great year, especially around Many Glacier and few other areas coming into the park from the east side.

The thing I like about photographing Glacier is no year is the same. There is always something new to see and new to explore.

If you head up in July, make sure you also check out Indian Days in Browning. It usually runs the second week Thurs-Sun. and is quite the experience as well as one of the largest gatherings of tribes in the U.S.. There is a parade, rodeo and pow-wow held in town.

We spent our last evening there capturing some amazing dancers and some very passionate people. Our evening was cut short however by a not so very pleasant storm that shut down the Pow Wow and left everyone running for cover. We watched as quarter to golfball sized hail pummeled the fairgrounds and flattened people’s tents. Not the best shooting conditions;)

It’s always hard though to leave Glacier after spending a few days there. The tranquility and beauty inside the park make it hard to beat.

St Mary Lake

Wild Goose Island/Ten Image Panoramic. © Jason Savage

Indian Days

Indian Days. © Jason Savage

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  1. Karly July 19, 2010 at 2:56 pm #

    Love your photography.. it’s incredibly beautiful! Even the simple compositions have something amazing about it. I hope to be able to learn some tricks and tips from your work and discover my own style as well.

  2. Stephanie August 14, 2010 at 11:56 pm #

    Your photos take my breath away…coming from a family of photographers and artists…that statement should not be taken lightly. Wow!!! If I could frame such pictures, LARGE, throughout my house, I would. You have a keen eye and a real gift. Truly enjoyed the feeling your photos brought to my soul. Thank you. Stephanie

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