Glacier National Park Photography

Swiftcurrent Lake. Canon 5dmkII 24mmts 3.5II, 3 Image Panoramic, f16  0.5  ISO100

Just returned from my annual photography workshop that I teach in Glacier National Park and as usual had a fantastic time with some wonderful people. We had a cold front roll in at the beginning of the workshop and the wind just howled for three days straight, at times it would just about blow you over. They had around 70-80 mile an hour gusts which makes tripod work just about impossible. Despite the high winds we managed to find some great stuff and captured some great images, with the wind dying down the last couple days.

Ferns. Canon 5dmkII  16-35mm2.8II, f13  1/8  ISO400

Of course the Going to the Sun road has been closed and is scheduled to open on July 13, being the latest opening in the Park’s history. The record was July 10, 1943. It was very apparent that the snowfall had been excessive this year as was evident by the avalanche damage driving up the open portion of the Going to the Sun road. Huge trees uprooted and snapped like twigs in many places. Of course the waterfalls are raging right now with all the melting snow and at the lower elevations, possibly because of the late snows, the wildflowers are not the best as in previous years. However we had great ferns and growth in the forest and it was very green.

The next couple of months should be great with the pass finally opening and lots of water in the creeks and rivers. Probably some good skiing up top too!

Two Medicine Lake. Canon 5dmkII  16-35mm2.8II,   f16  1/6 ISO 100

Bighorn Sheep. Canon 7d   100-400 4-5.6L,  f6.7  1/45 ISO 1600

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  1. Orry July 14, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    Gorgeous, Jason! Love the goats.

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