Happy New Year from Yellowstone!

Wildlife in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Coyote. Canon 7d 500mm f4IS, 1.4Xtc.  ISO 1600  f6.7   1/1500

Thought I would sneak a quick post in here before the first day of the new year is officially over. First lesson of the year: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew!”

This little guy was snacking on a recent elk carcass inside the park that the Canyon wolf pack have been visiting. No wolves today, but lots of other scavengers.

Winter around here and most of the state is still pretty bare and not much in the forecast. I spoke with a friend the other day  in the southern part of the state and he had 60 degrees fahrenheit on his thermometer! Hard to believe at the end of December. Although not quite that extreme today , the park was pleasant and temps in the 30’s. Still not too much snow though, cross our fingers for January…

Happy New Year to everyone!

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