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I was snowshoeing in the mountains not far from home yesterday out in probably one of the most beautiful days in recent memory. It was cold, fresh powder, and lots of sun. Toward evening I was messing around with the different shapes in the tree trunks and trying to include the last light of the setting sun on the horizon.

I’m finding that I use the live view function on my Canon cameras more and more these days to get those hard to compose shots. For this one, shooting eye level, I couldn’t see the sun in the shot. So by bumping up my ISO to make sure I had a fast enough shutter speed for a sharp shot, I held the camera above me at arms length watching my live view to compose the image. I was finally able to get it high enough to include the setting sun and add an extra little element to this image.

Canon 5D markIII  16-35mm 2.8L mkII  f16  1/250  ISO1600 +1

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