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Olympic National Park – Images by Jason Savage
Here are some more images from my recent trip out to Olympic National Park. It was a great trip and again, it’s probably one of my favorite places to shoot in the Pacific Northwest as well as anywhere on the west coast really.

I also had the chance while I was there to spend some time checking out the Elhwa River which has been a fascinating project with one of the largest dam removal projects in US history with the removal of both the Elwha Dam and the upper Glines Canyon Dam, restoring the 45 miles of river to it’s natural state. Salmon & Steelhead will once again be able to retrace their routes up river as previous generations have done. Very cool indeed. It was certainly fascinating to see the river in it’s current state of transformation.

In addition I also spent some time in the Sol Duc Valley, which is just a spectacular area in itself with what seems like unlimited subjects to shoot. From the River,Creeks and Falls to an amazing array of vegation in the rainforest, as well as great wildlife. Fantastic stuff.

If you’re interested in checking out more of what the park has to offer, I will be leading a photo workshop in Spring of 2013. I should have more info on my Workshops page with dates and itinerary in the next week or so. Or if you would like to be updated when that info becomes available, feel free to send me an email.


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