National Bison Range

Bison. Canon 7D 500mm f4.0  ISO 100   f4.5   1/500

Here are some shots from this week over at the National Bison Range, north of Missoula, Montana. It’s a great place to view and photograph wildlife with the Mission Mountains adding a great scenic backdrop. Bison, Pronghorn, Elk, Deer, Bear are just some of the local big game on the range. It’s a great day getaway if you’re near Missoula, or a stopover on your way up to Glacier National Park via Highway 93.

With all the great stuff to photograph around the area, you’d think getting a few decent shots would be no problem. However, this week it just wasn’t happening. Every once in while I get those trips where it’s just not in the cards and sometimes it seems like packing up and heading home would be more productive. But, it’s times like these that make those day’s where the planets seem to align, that much sweeter.

I did enjoy myself nonetheless and in this particular area of Montana it’s hard not to.

So now I’m shifting gears and getting ready for Fall Photography here in Montana and the northwest. It’s started to cool in the evenings here and you can sense a change in the seasons. This weekend there was even some frost on the ground in the early morning. Definitely getting anxious as Fall in Montana is without a doubt my favorite time of the year in Montana  and probably one of the best times to photograph the state.

Whitetail Deer. Canon 7d 500mm f4. ISO 400 f4.5  1/1000

National Bison Range. Canon 5d mkII  TS-24mm f3.5II   ISO100  f16  1/30. 3 image panorama.

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