Palouse, Washington

Palouse Washington

Yellow crop duster over the rolling hills of the Palouse. Canon 5D markIII 100-400mm f4.5-5.4L IS II. f8 1/750 ISO1600

Now that the year’s winding down, I’m finally back home for a bit getting caught up on some of last year’s images. I thought I would share a few from this last June on our Palouse photography workshop in Washington State. The Palouse sits in a unique area of eastern Washington and is home to a major agricultural area producing wheat and other crops. The beautiful topography of this area provides endless places to wander for landscape photographers as its rolling hills and pastel hues create painterly scenes reminiscent of Tuscany.

A tip for those who plan to visit: Make sure to pack your telephoto lens as a lot of the classic landscape shots are surprisingly far away and compose better with a focal length in the 300mm-400mm range and even beyond. I routinely will pack my 500mm and use with and without teleconverters to isolate some of the tighter compositions. Apart from the scenic overlooks such as Steptoe Butte there are still plenty of places to use a wide-angle.

I’m really looking forward to getting back out there this next year on my June workshop and revisiting some of these spots. The great thing about the Palouse is it’s such a dynamic and ever changing landscape, between what’s been planted, harvested, the changing light, and weather conditions, it’s never the same scene twice. As of this blog post, there are still a couple of spots open on the 2016 workshop, visit my workshops page for more details.

Palouse Photo Workshop

Palouse Falls under a night sky. Canon 5D markIII 11-24mm f4L. f4 ISO1600 30″

Steptoe Butte

The classic view from Steptoe Butte, Palouse. Canon 5D markIII 500mm f4L IS II f8 1/500 ISO400


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