Red Fox Kits

Red Fox Kits. Canon 7D 500mm, 1.4 tc/F8  1/3000 ISO 1600

Came across a den of Red Fox kits the other day not far from the Missouri River in central Montana. They sure were fun to watch, there were eleven in all and certainly full of life!

Spring has finally arrived and my wife reminded me today that this is what makes living in Montana so special. We pay with the long winters, but you can’t beat spring and summer in Montana. Taking a drive around central Montana the other day, I was greeted by many Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Redfoxes, Sandhill Cranes, many different species of ducks, Antelope, Long-Billed Curlews, and a Skunk. And that was just in a few hours in the evening!

Sometimes I need to be reminded of the beauty and life of where we live…

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