Rocky Mountain Front Photography Workshop

Rocky Mountain Front. Canon 5dmkII 16-35mmII f16  0.7sec  ISO100

Here are a couple shots from our recent workshop held at the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana. We had a wonderful workshop with a fantastic group of students that were a ton of fun to shoot with. A few of the group even got to see a Griz on one of the mornings. I was too busy yakking and missed it!

As some may have heard, beginning of June was a cold and wet one for Montana with some record flooding across the state. It was getting iffy with some of the locations we were venturing to with the creeks and rivers all at flood stages across the region. We managed to luck out as the weather finally broke that weekend and we avoided any flooded areas.

Unfortunately a lot of folks around the state haven’t been so lucky and have had severe flood damage to their homes and property. Thoughts and prayers definitely go out to them. Fortunately we’ve finally broke out of the rain and into some warmer weather and it’s certainly helped, however we still have a ton of snowpack in the mountains and they say we could still see some more flooding if it melts too fast.

Rocky Mountain Front. Canon 5dmkII 16-35mmII f16   0.3 sec   ISO100

There’s no question though, around the state it’s sure green and the wildflowers and vegetation right now are amazing. I’ll try to get some more shots posted here in my travels in the next week or so from some different areas around the state. In the meantime, I know around here everyone is finally enjoying some summer weather!

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