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PBS in Montana

Airway Beacon, Montana. © Jason Savage/PBS

Wow, what  a couple weeks! I don’t know if I’m coming or going lately. It’s certainly been a busy time here and I’ve had this nagging feeling that I’m slipping behind on all my blog,twitter,facebook,etc… duties.

Last week I was freezing my #!$@ off photographing  an airway beacon on the continental divide in Montana and like usual, the wind was relentless. Lion TV is producing a new show, America Revealed that will be airing sometime next year. Part of the show features transportation in America and for this portion they were featuring Montana’s old airway beacons that are still in operation. Back in the 30’s gas powered airway beacons were lined across the country to help pilots navigate their way, specifically the U.S. Mail planes. Year’s later most all of the country had abandoned these antique beacons,with Montana deciding to keep them in operation and maintain them across the state. Local pilots still use them for navigation in the mountains and they are an interesting remnant of aviation’s past.

Yul Kwon & Mike Rogan. © Jason Savage/PBS

It looks to be an interesting show and as always it’s a pleasure to be involved with anything PBS is doing. Yul Kwon is the host which some will remember from his victory on Survivor/Cook Islands.

Thankfully this week is starting to wind down after playing a ton of catch up with the ol’ office duties. So tired of staring at computer screens!

Hope to get out there this weekend and get some new winter images, the forecast is calling for a little new snow so cross your fingers. This winter is looking like a good one and offering up many great photo ops, so stay tuned…

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