Top Ten for 2014

As we approach the new year, I thought I would share my top 10 favorites from 2014. I’ve been grateful to have visited some amazing landscapes and photographed some equally amazing wildlife encounters this year. Most importantly, I’m grateful to be able to share my travels and hope that my images can serve as a reminder of the incredible world we live in and why it’s so vitally important to protect for future generations.

Bitterroot Valley

A passing fall storm in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley

Palouse Washington Landscape

Sunset over the rolling hills of the Palouse region, Washington State

Montana Birds

Canada Geese lift off in early morning fog, Montana

Glacier National Park

Water like glass on Glacier National Park’s, Bowman Lake

Sage Grouse Montana

Sage Grouse in central Montana

Glacier National Park

Lupine blooms above Lake Sherburne in Glacier National Park

Western Barn

White lines and a white barn in western Montana


Bison on the National Bison Range

Montana Winter

Rock & Ice

Oregon Landscape

Albus Tree Farm in northern Oregon

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