Fall Yellowstone – Images by Jason Savage
Here are a few images from a recent trip out to Yellowstone last week. Fall is looking pretty nice down there right now and you can’t beat September and October in the park. I use to think that was our little local secret here in Montana but I think the cat’s out of the bag on that one. This year the park has been packed and surprisingly even October is seeing a much larger than usual visitation. Here’s some interesting stats on visitation this year :¬†

Hard to say exactly why, but wouldn’t be surprised if some of our warmer fall weather has people extending their traveling a bit. In the past it seemed like the fall was a sure bet to have some of the park to yourself and beat the crowds, not so much at least lately, but it’s still a far cry from mid-summer.

Last week was sure a nice trip with a lot of elk sightings, one griz and of course many, many bison. Had some wolves close by while I was photographing some elk on Swan Lake Flats, but I wasn’t able to get any shots. All I could hear was their nearby howling and growling as they worked their way along a ridge nearby.

Elk were abundent and some great photo ops all throughout the park, especially up north near Mammoth and Swan Lake Flats.

This week I head off to Seeley Lake for an annual Fall Workshop I do and should be a great trip as the Tamaracks and the rest of the fall foliage should be about prime. Hopefully will have a few images to share this next week from that and then I’m off to Churchill for a couple weeks with Natural Habitat Adventures photographing Polar Bears along the Hudson Bay. Will make sure to share some images for sure. In the meantime, hope everyone is enjoying their fall and getting some great shots!

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